If you are one of a growing band of people moving away from alcohol. Yet, you like an 'Adult Drink" then you might want to consider trying Sentia Spirit. I'll take their own description of themselves from their website:
SENTIA, a new generation of mood enhancing Spirits. With complex botanicals and a rich sensory experience, it is the perfect serve for sophisticated hedonists.
The cutting-edge science behind every bottle means discerning drinkers can discover a ‘third way’ beyond ‘alcohol’ and ‘not alcohol’ – to get what we want from drinking (connection and harmony), without the downsides.
Because of its unique blend of active botanicals that naturally enhance the mood, raising a glass of SENTIA hits your sweet spot, without hitting you with a hangover

Photo by Nick Barham 

Having featured them on my Podcast (Campervan Confessions) the company reached out and expressed their thanks, by way of issuing some tasty treats: 2 bottles of Sentia Red and 1 bottle of the newly released, Sentia Black. So we decided to thank them back by doing a promotional shoot. 
I approached a lovely pub called the Rainbow, based in Cooksbridge and asked if they would be willing for me to do some shots there with Rose. They duly obliged and we had a perfect location to throw down some shots for this amazing company.

Rose enjoying a glass of Sentia Red, mixed with Cranberry juice

The newly released Sentia Black - Photo by Nick Barham

The response from the Sentia team was one of delight, and gratitude and they are going to send more 'treats' for our Sentia Love!
As a last point, making contact with the wonderful staff at the Rainbow, and in particular with the manager, Harvey has led me into discussions about doing some promotional shots for the pub itself, who will have a new range of beer and food coming soon! So make sure that you Google, The Rainbow in Cooksbridge, East Sussex and pay them a visit!

Rose and barman Adam enjoy a glass of Sentia - Photography by Nick Barham

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