Welcome to Rhythm and Romance Photography, where capturing the essence of special moments is our expertise. With over 8 years of professional experience behind the lens and an extensive background in education, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, especially for high school students on the brink of one of life's memorable milestones: prom night. 
Our pre-prom photoshoots offer more than just stunning images; they provide an opportunity for families to immortalise the transition from childhood to the threshold of adulthood. 
Through our sessions, we aim to foster connections and capture genuine emotions, ensuring that every nervous smile transforms into a timeless memory. Whether you prefer the charm of an outdoor location or the intimacy of a studio setting, we offer flexible packages starting at £150 for on-location shoots and £200 for studio sessions. 
Let us help you seize this moment of fleeting beauty and transform it into a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.
Thank you!
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