My Pool Splash sessions are a lot of fun! I work with swim clubs throughout the UK and provide sessions to get amazing and memorable photos,

Dancer enjoying splash photography

I will often work in collaboration with swim clubs to help them raise money for club funds, by donating a percentage of my fee to the club.
I have worked with a number of top swim clubs, including Thanet Swim Club, Herne Bay and Maidstone SC

Take your marks...capturing the explosive backstroke start

The session will usually see me immersed in the pool to capture the 'money' shots!
I bring a black background, and lights - but will often need some water throwers to assist me!

Hair Flick Photography

Capturing swimming starting blocks portraits

Water flicking hair

Stunning and Unique Portraits for swimmers

And dancers...

Add some truly stunning and different portraits to your collection

Get in touch if you would like to arrange your own NBP Pool Splash session! Note - I am willing to work on a smaller scale and come to private pools to create some magic also!!
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