During your session, I will set up a studio in your own home and shoot at various outdoor locations to capture you in the best possible light. Natural light is honest and beautiful, creating an authentic representation of you that agents and casting directors crave. This type of light is also the most flattering, enhancing your best features and making you look your best. Ultimately, your headshot should be a stunning portrait that captures the essence of who you are.
Photographers who shoot only in one location can become stuck in a creative rut, producing similar images over and over again. However, my approach involves using several locations to create a unique and diverse collection of photos that reflect your individuality. As someone with a background in acting and photojournalism, I believe that the best headshots are candid and natural. I avoid artificial lighting and posing, instead aiming to capture a genuine moment when you are at your best. Your individuality is your greatest asset as a performer, so leave the rest to me - just show up, and I'll handle the rest.

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